The Car of the Year in Russia 2012 Awards

О проекте: 

Target: Guests – Heads of car companies, PR and Marketing managers – 1200 persons + wide internet audience
Venue: Izvestia Hall, Moscow


Organization of the "THE CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA” awards. Honoring the car brands’ representatives, a creative presentation of the awards sponsors and partners, an outstanding show and entertainment for the guests.

Creative idea and description of the event:
This year the car awards ceremony became one of the most anticipated and impressive events of the country's automobile market. However we had to come up with a new solution, because every guest and ceremony attendee pretty much knew what to expect. Thus we’ve created two delightful concepts – Circus and Magic Box, to attract guests’ attention to the ceremony. The idea of the event was based on the emotion connections – surprise and delight that people get from the circus and the excitement that they get from the car. This time the "CAR OF THE YEAR IN RUSSIA" awards was transformed into a real “Magic Box” with wonders - talking dolls, living statues, and sorcerers. Guests could see breathtaking trapeze performances, enchanting magicians and perfect cars while watching magic circus show. We also used a real magic box on the stage to introduce awards’ chairman and nominations. It was stunning, it was magic, it was circus!

Media Mix:
The major automotive media, radio and news portals supported the ceremony. More than 90 journalists from leading federal and regional publications came to enjoy a magical show and the atmosphere of the event. The award ceremony was broadcasted online, so everyone could watch it.

Audio: PA – 20 kW, 2 separated zones with sound translation from the main stage.

Video: 7m x 10m LED screen with high resolution, as a stage backdrop. Special multi screen content, including sponsors video logos and car brands videos, was developed and designed for that event. Live broadcast on the lounge zone screens and internet.

Light: 112 moving heads, hanged on 2 truss circles above the stage, special circus light designer for writing the light scenario of the show.

Staging and set design:
The stage itself was designed as a complex circus arena with different levels for the artists. We built a huge cube in the center of the stage, which was operating as an entrance for the

masters of the ceremony, some artists, guests and winners. 2 side triangle podiums were made for the circus acting. Red carpet, the belt lights all over the stage and podiums, circus props – all of the mentioned reminded the guests of the circus.

Pending the triumph, all the heads of car dealerships, the business elite, as well as celebrities gathered together in popular Moscow nightclub “Izvestia Hall”. Sponsors and customers were delighted by the event, it was widely covered in the press. Eventum Premo agency received gratitude from the awards administration.

Development and production:
Producer: Polina Tolkacheva, Eventum Premo
Technical direction: Maxim Martynov, Eventum Premo
Organising officer: Lylia Fedorova, Eventum Premo
Logistics: Alexandra Fedorova, Eventum Premo

Concept: Alexander Shumovich, Eventum Premo
Direction: Alexey Berlov, Eventum Premo
Copy: Georgу Airiev, Eventum Premo
Set design: Mikhail Chebanu, Eventum Premo

Technical suppliers:
Stage built up: Sergey Gubkin, Tekon
Set built up: Maxim Martynov, Eventum Premo
Audio: Alexander Udod, Euroshow
Lights: Alexey Zhuravlev, Euroshow


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